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Utilization of Scholarship Management, and the ORM/PR Platform, give RMG DIGITAL SOLUTIONS
the ability to restore the damaged online reputations that traditional agencies cannot.


  • Academic Scholarships, and the powerful premium links they create, suppress even the most powerful website results off the first page of Google.
  • Students who view Academic Scholarships search the name of the person behind it. This action creates organic search activity, aiding the suppression of negative links.
  • When evidence of an Academic Scholarship begins to appear on a persons Google search, a profile displaying the importance of charitable giving is created.


  • One anonymous person, with only a bit of computer knowledge, can ruin an online reputation in an hour.  
  • RMG Digital is committed to assisting those who have been unfairly defamed, and provides access to many of its premium programs at substantial cost savings.
  • If you have been falsely defamed, call RMG Digital Solutions for a free consultation. We will do all we can to help.


  • ORM/PR is a platform for delivery of press releases that remain in place indefinitely.
  • Billboards periodically change their advertisements, messages, or both. ORM/PR messages provide their owners with the same benefit.
  • When a negative website results is too powerful to suppress from the first page of a Google search, ORM/PR messaging can be deployed to neutralize the power of the offending negative link.

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