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RMG Digital provides a range of innovative and highly effective services designed to both repair and enhance our client’s reputation. We employ tools designed for every client’s specific needs, including SearchEngine Optimization tools which can highlight positive search results while pushing negative results out of view. We also offer Scholarship Management services which set academic scholarships in the name of our clients, ensuring they have .EDU search results which rank high on all major search engines. With all of our solutions, we have the skills and expertise to target our client’s specific needs, and can create highly effective, sustainable campaigns to repair and enhance their reputations.


  • We create a legitimate academic scholarship in our clients’ name, a proven reputation booster aimed at building a philanthropic online profile
  • The .EDU URLs acquired from colleges are amongst the highest quality available, skyrocketing to the top of all major search results!
  • The scholarship promotes organic search traffic as student interest surges, and applications begin to pour in.
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  • RMG Digital Solutions is a one-stop-shop to fix the online reputations of our clients while significantly boosting them as well
  • Defamation of any kind need not be a career ending event, we offer customized, innovative solutions to help our clients overcome adversity, and come back stronger than ever!
  • We work rapidly to replace the negative search results they may face, rather than simply covering them up
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  • The RMG Digital Foundation offers grants to victims of defamation
  • The foundation contributes funds that help defamation victims pay for (in part or in whole) reputation restoration and enhancement
  • If you are a victim of defamation, call the RMG Digital Foundation today to see if you qualify for a grant to help you repair and enhance your reputation
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  • With our revolutionary ORM/PR technique, RMG Digital provides results that far exceed our competitors, repair and enhance your reputation today!
  • The ORM/PR process delivers campaigns that clear negative content while crafting a highly favorable digital narrative, there are endless uses our service
  • Traditional ORM methods are often inadequate, contact RMG Digital today to see how we are revolutionizing the field of Online Reputation Management!
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