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The Scholarship Management Process, ORM/PR platform, and other custom tailored strategies has made RMG Digital Solutions' the innovation specialist in the online reputation sector.


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  • Academic Scholarships, and the powerful premium links they generate, help suppress the search results of high domain authority websites.
  • Organic search activity fueled by students searching the person responsible for establishing a scholarship further aids the suppression of damaging links.
  • Evidence of an Academic Scholarship appearing on a persons google search displays their interest in charitable giving.


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  • One anonymous person, with only a bit of computer knowledge, can ruin an online reputation in an hour.  
  • RMG Digital is committed to assisting those who have been unfairly defamed, and provides access to many of its premium programs at substantial cost savings.
  • If you have been falsely defamed, call RMG Digital Solutions for a free consultation. We will do all we can to help.
  • ORM/PR is a platform for delivery of press releases that remain in place indefinitely.
  • Billboards periodically change their advertisements, messages, or both. ORM/PR provides the equivalent effect in an online format.
  • When a website with negative messaging is too powerful to suppress, ORM/PR is deployed as a counterbalance, neutralizing the power of a damaging link.
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