Scholarship Solutions

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RMG Digital Solutions establishes academic scholarships in the name of our clients. Subsequently, we obtain sponsorships for each with dozens of accredited universities around the United States.

These sponsorships create premium links that enhance the suppression process, and increase our ability to push down negative/damaging links.

These negative posts are replaced by positive Scholarship posts, ultimately displaying online profiles that prominently display an evidence an interest in charitable giving.

Over the past year, RMG Digital clients have awarded 113 scholarships to students attending 74 universities* from around the United States.

*Partial list of Universities
Auburn University
Boston College
Brown University
Colorado State
Cornell University
DePaul University
Harvard University
Johns Hopkins University
Missouri S&T
Northeastern University
Quinnipiac College
Stanford University
Texas Tech
UC Berkeley
UC San Diego
University of Alabama
University of Arkansas
University of Cincinnati
University of Florida
University of Miami
University of Nebraska
University of South Florida
University of Virginia
University of Washington
University of Wisconsin
UMass | Amherst
Virginia Tech
Yale University

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