Scholarship Solutions

At RMG Digital Solutions, we establish Academic Scholarships in the name of our individual and/or corporate clients.   The primary reason for this effort is to increase our ability to build  quality links of the highest level, and just as important to establish true online profiles that are both Charitable/Philanthropic, and viewable with a simple Google search.

The two key elements that we use to manage successful Scholarships for our clients are:

  1. To acquire URL’s from university .EDU websites. EDU’s are notoriously hard to obtain, and considered amongst the highest quality links by all of the major search engines.
  2. Place our Academic Scholarships on university financial aid boards.

Through these actions, we seek to acquire a good amount of student applications in the name of our clients. In addition, we are able to create large amounts of natural/organic search traffic, as students Google their name en masse.

Generally speaking, a $1,000 scholarship is large enough to draw the interest of students and financial aid offices alike.

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