Defamation Attack

At the onset of a campaign, our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) team analyzes a clients negative search results. Based on their findings, a personalized strategy is developed to help suppress these reputation damaging links.

For example, one of our campaigns addressed a targeted defamation attack against our client Joe Smith*. Since Joe worked in restaurant finance, we determined that the best way to respond to, and ultimately overcome his potentially career ending event, was to develop a philanthropic profile for him, and fast.

This was accomplished in two steps. First, we wrote and published professional articles about restaurant finance, mentioning his name. These articles were published in high-ranking websites and could be found on the first page of Google when searching his name.  Next, we created the "Joe Smith Scholarship". Fifty three universities agreed to sponsor Joe's $1000 Scholarship. Through these efforts, 53 high value premium back-links were created. In addition, Joe helped one student defray the cost of high tuition.

Through the visibility Joe received from the scholarship website and high-quality content we published on the web,  we executed a flawless campaign that not only erased the negative search results associated with his name online, but also made clear what his community and business associates already knew; that he was a person of high integrity.

*Client name changed for the purpose of anonymity.